KinderCamp Overview

Kindergarten-age students participate in this program designed especially just for them at Turtle Rock. KinderCampers have their own classrooms and materials, playground, field trips, theme days, and activity program. Play is important to camp and children will be given many opportunities to develop curiosity and creativity through monitored play experiences. Familiar faces and secure surroundings help promote socialization skills and build confidence in our KinderCampers. We also focus on academic review to keep up those newly acquired and hard-earned Pre-Kindergarten skills! KinderCamp is held in five two-week sessions, and students may enroll for any number of sessions. Our core camp day session is from 8:30 AM – 4 PM, and an extended day option is available from 7:30 AM – 5:30 PM for those needing additional hours.

Our Program

KinderCampers have their own special academic schedule designed to prepare them for entering kindergarten in the fall. Mornings are filled with academic readiness activities in language arts and math. Lessons are designed to include plenty of hands-on learning opportunities as the children explore math and language arts concepts. KinderCamp teachers give special care in introducing a classroom routine including listening skills, following directions, individual responsibility and more. Familiar faces and secure surroundings are high priorities in our efforts to promote socialization skills and to build self-esteem.

  • Separate staff, space and program for soon-to-be-kindergartners
  • Diverse learning opportunities including hands-on activities, art and technology-based instruction
  • Language arts skills including letter and sound recognition, vocabulary and oral communication
  • Math activities: teaching number recognition, shapes, patterns, addition, and subtraction
  • Concepts and skills taught at a level appropriate for each camper
  • Campers are mixed into balanced groups

Flexible Daily Schedule

7:30 – 8:30 am : Extended Morning Care
8:30 am: Core Hours Begin & Outdoor Play
10:00 am – 11:45 pm : Activity Rotations
12:00 – 12:30 pm : Lunch
12:30 – 1:00 pm : Rest Period
1:00 – 3:00 pm: Napping or Quiet Activities
3:00 – 4:00 pm: Snack and Indoor Activities
4:00 – 5:00 pm : Outdoor Play
5:00 – 5:30 pm : Dismissal

We offer an option for your child to nap after lunch. Afternoons involve crafts, games, stories, music, and other special activities. Lunch can be brought from home or purchased from the camp for the session.

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Daily Schedule

2024 Eligibility

KinderCamper is for children entering Kindergarten this fall and are 5-years-old on 9/1/2024.

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2024 Session Themes & Rates

Session 1

10 - 21

Aloha Summer!

Our first session is bound to be fun as we explore the beauty of Hawaiian culture. We will begin the first week with a fun visit from Color Me Mine where we will paint ceramics and a field trip to Fun Box. KinderCampers will also be a part of a grand Luau with Polynesian dancers and Fire Dances. Don’t forget to come dressed in Hawaiian attire for this celebration. At last, we will end the session with a trip to Adventure City. Campers will have fun riding the many rides dedicated for their age.

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10-day Session

Session 2

June 24 -
July 5

Under the Sea

During this session, we will have fun learning about sea creatures and measuring how long a hundred-foot whale is. The children will learn about many sea animals and create an underwater habitat. During the first week, Miss Ana the Scientist will visit our camp and guide our campers as they explore the fun dry-ice presentation. Pinot’s Palette will be a our first fieldtrip where we get to enjoy painting a beautiful canvas! We will end this session with face painting and a trip to the Irvine Regional Zoo and Park.

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9-day Session

Session 3

8 - 19

Animal Planet

Campers will learn about various animals and create their own animal dioramas. Saving Wildlife International will join us and teach us about wild animals and our responsibility in keeping them safe. We will meet various exotic animals, even a monkey! Our first trip will be to Pirates Adventure. Next, we will have a presentation by Rah Rah Ranch. Campers will have the opportunity to be hands-on with our favorite farm animals and learn about their importance. Our last trip for this session is to Billy Beez!

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10-day Session

Session 4

Jul 22 -
Aug 2

The Great Outdoors

Let’s explore the great outdoors! Come prepared to have fun with water days and nature walks! We will let their imagination run wild as they explore the enchanted world and being adventurous out Where the Wild Things Are! We will also explore reptiles, from lizards to snakes and crocodiles. We will have a presentation and hands-on animal care from Jurassic Reptile Zoo as well as a presentation by the Environmental Science Center. Our first trip for the session will be to the Crown Valley Spraypad and playground. At last, we will end this session with a fun trip to Marina Park Beach where we will get to splash in the shallow waters and enjoy a picnic!

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10-day Session

Session 5

5 - 13


The last session for the summer is sure to be a blast! We will make a fairy garden through Dragon Fairy Gardens and take a trip to the Anaheim Adventure Lagoon! Come prepared to enjoy a day in the sun with water activities. What better way to kick off the end of our summer than with a magic show by Arty the Magician and a social with Kona Shaved Ice! At last, we will have a pizza party to reminisce about all the fun we shared, friends we met along the way, and memories we created together!

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7-day Session


How do I know if my child is eligible for KinderCamp?

KinderCamp is for children 5 years old on September 1st. Children this age will typically begin Kindergarten this fall.

What should my child wear to camp each day?

Your child should dress in cool/comfortable summer clothes with closed-toed shoes. Please put sunscreen on your child before arriving each morning. Complete a Sunscreen Application Authorization Form, available in Room 8, and send a labeled bottle of sunscreen to school for us to re-apply sunscreen later in the day. On field trip days, your child will be required to wear their special KinderCamp t-shirt. *KinderCamp t-shirt MUST be worn on all Nature Walk & Fieldtrip Days. If your child forgets and you are unable to provide it, you will be billed for a new one.

Are there any refunds or credits for days that my child is sick or absent?

Please notify the office at (949) 854-7611 by 8 AM if your child will be absent. Unfortunately, camp activities are booked in advance based on the registrations received, so we are unable to provide credits or refunds for days missed due to sickness or for any other reason.

What should my child wear and bring to camp on water activity days?

On water days (indicated on the calendar) please send your child to school with a towel, water shoes, wearing his or her bathing suit, and with sunscreen already applied. Teachers will apply more sunscreen during the day. Include a change of clothes and shoes. All items must be clearly marked with your child’s name.

What types of field trips are included?

Typically, a special field trip is included once or twice during each KinderCamp session. These trips are included in the cost of camp. Campers will be transported on a coach bus, and we encourage parent chaperones.

How many sessions must I sign-up for?

You may enroll for as little as one session, or any number of sessions you choose, depending upon availability. Select the schedule that’s right for your family.

What is the cancellation policy?

Cancellations with at least a 14-day notice will receive a camp credit of 50%.  No refunds are provided, regardless of the reason.

What lunch options are available for my camper?

A freshly prepared hot lunch is normally available for purchase when campers are on-site. Field trips occasionally include lunch, or we may ask you to send a sack lunch, or have your child bring cash to purchase lunch. Specific options and instructions are described under each excursion on our registration portal and parents will be reminded via email. If bringing a lunch from home, please label and date lunch boxes and water bottles. We have filtered water fountains for bottle refilling throughout the day.

How can I pay for Summer Camp?

Our online registration portal offers easy payment by ACH or credit card (3% surcharge). You may also choose to pay by check to the office. Check payments must be received within 5 days.

Cancellations with at least a 14-day notice will receive a camp credit of 50%.  No refunds, regardless of reason.

How do I sign-up?

Registration is available on a first-come, first-served basis via our online registration portal only. Online registration begins at 10 AM on Friday, March 8. Spaces are limited, and camp does sell out every year. Early registration is encouraged to avoid any disappointment. Enrollment is accepted only when you complete the online checkout process fully, and acknowledge and agree to our terms and conditions.

Are any discounts available for KinderCamp?

We do not offer discounts for our summer programs.

What schedule options and hours are available?

Each of our sessions include attendance every day from the hours of 8:30 AM to 4 PM. An extended day option is available, for an additional fee, from 7:30 AM – 5:30 PM for those needing additional hours.

Are academic learning opportunities a part of KinderCamp?

Yes, each day is designed with hands-on activities that foster learning through math, science, art, and literacy.

Is my child required to go on offsite field trips?

Offsite field trips are included in each session and all teaching staff will be participating in order to keep low ratios. Should you decide not to have your child join the group on offsite field trips, you will need to make alternate arrangements for your child’s care, as there will be no care available on-site.

Who will be my child's primary teacher? Will they have the same teacher the whole summer?

Our KinderCamp teaching staff work as a team. Campers are not assigned a permanent classroom or teacher during the summer. Instead, campers will have a rotating group schedule and will interact with all KinderCamp staff each day. Should you have any questions please feel free to contact Mayra, our KinderCamp Coordinator, at or call (949) 854-7611.